Communication Services

Since our formation almost a decade ago, we have viewed employee communication as paramount to successful benefits and HR programs. And, over the years, we've amassed a comprehensive set of protocols, services, and tools to engage, educate, and inform employees. From total compensation reports and online benefits websites to employee surveys and enrollment kits, we provide world-class communications services to all of our clients.

Among some of the key services we offer are the following:

Self-Service Websites

Soldevila & Associates offers company-wide and employee-specific web repositories, both of which provide workflow efficiencies and process enhancements that positively impact the bottom line.

  • Our customers have the option to use MyBenefitsandHR which enables them to deliver a comprehensive resource for communicating the strengths of benefits packages to employees and HR managers. Additional resources are now available such as Personalized Benefit Statements and Enrollment modules at either no additional cost or highly reduced fees. For more information, please visit the benefits & HR portals page.
  • For more robust solutions, our customers can deploy one of the HRIS/HRMS platforms we offer - both of which include an Employee Self-Service (ESS) module. ESS gives employees immediate access to all their personal HR, benefits, and payroll information via the web. The simplicity of ESS drastically reduces the call volume to the HR department and lets HR focus on more strategic issues. To learn more, please see the employee self-service page.

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Online HR Resources

We provide all of our clients' HR staff with free and unlimited access to the HR & Benefits Essential Toolkit, which is an up-to-date, online library of resources including compliance-related information, regulatory news, legal support and hundreds of HR-related forms and templates. Click the link above to view a presentation on this resource or see the benefits & hr portals page for more information.

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Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are a great way to help you make your benefits program more competitive. Gauge employee attitudes, perceptions, and understanding of your benefits package through exploration of topics such as:

  • Overall benefits package
  • Retirement options
  • Voluntary benefits
  • Work/life issues
  • Job environment
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Prescription drugs
  • General comments and concerns

The survey tool allows you to use pre-developed templates or create your own questions to ensure that you gather the exact information you need to boost your program. We encourage you to walk through our sample survey (Coming soon) to see what a typical survey looks like.

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Benchmarking Reports

Want to know how your benefits program compares to other companies? Need to make your program more competitive and don’t know where to start? Use our benchmarking tools to see how your offering fares against other programs based on region, industry, company size, plan design specifications, contribution levels, and other relevant criteria.

Online reports allow you to compare detailed benefit program information using nationally-recognized normative data sources such as  MetLife's Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends.

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Newsletters and Webinars

Every other month Soldevila & Associates, LLC distributes a newsletter to its clients covering the latest trends and issues in the benefits and HR arena. We also host web seminars in conjunction with one of our key providers, Business and Legal Reports (BLR), that address a full range of HR topics, from diversity and employee screening to training methodologies and incentive programs. These webinars can be scheduled in advance but are also archived for asychronous viewing.

We encourage prospects and customers to contact us to subscribe to these helpful services. Meanwhile, for the latest headlines on a number of topics, please visit our news page.

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