Enrollment Programs

Soldevila & Associates, LLC offers several services and leverages a number of technologies to help our customers swiftly and easily upgrade and roll out new benefit plans to their employees. Critical to the process is the degree to which employees are educated and informed and, to this end, Soldevila & Associates manages all employee communications and correspondence before, during, and after open enrollment periods.

Because every company infrastructure and employee population is different, we tailor enrollment solutions to accomodate our clients' needs and preferences. However, we have several proven strategies to educate employees, encourage participation and run enrollments smoothly. For one, to assist with the process, we always have representatives from the insurance carriers on-hand for on-site enrollment meetings.

We also employ several technology-enabled enrollment tools including the following:

  • Online plan comparison tools & downloadable docs
  • Employee Benefits Online View w/ Enrollment
  • Employee Self-Service (through our HRIS/HRMS)
  • Mobile Laptop Enrollment for Voluntary Benefits