Employee Self-Service

Soldevila & Associates offers two self-service applications - Benefits Central for Human Resource managers and Employee Center for Employee Self-Service. For information on the former, please visit our portals page. Employee Center, gives employees immediate access to all their personal HR, benefits, and payroll information via the web. The simplicity drastically reduces the call volume to the human resources department and lets HR focus on more strategic issues.

Employee turnover comes with costs - recruiting costs, training costs and the loss in employee productivity. Building employee satisfaction helps you to minimize these.

One of the best ways to enhance employee longevity is to provide your employees with convenient, Web-based, self service access, personalized support and visibility to benefits information along with the ability to manage their own benefits, 24/7.

With the MyBenefitsandHR self-service platform employees can do all of the following:

  • Make online inquiries and receive responses concerning their benefits, company policies and other employment-related information
  • Select and change benefit elections whether they're at work or at home online 
  • Access benefit plan comparisons
  • Initiate life event changes and update other personal information
  • Generate a comprehensive benefits enrollment summary that reflects their current benefit elections - and their value
  • Participate with greater convenience in benefit program open enrollments
  • Access a comprehensive benefits statement - which gives a true picture of an employees total compensation.

When employees are more informed about their benefits and other company information, the more satisfied they are with the value of those benefits and their role within the organization. Consequently, as employee satisfaction goes up, turnover rates go down.

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Accurate online benefits enrollment

The amount of paperwork generated in traditional benefits enrollment is staggering. Employee Center allows you to conduct open enrollment online, thus eliminating the cumbersome and old inaccurate paper process.

Online leave requests ensure leave is taken and accounted for

Using EC, employees can easily determine their vacation availability (from any point-in-time) and request leave online. With online leave:

  • Managers receive an email from their employees when they request time off. 
  • Managers can easily see who will be in or out of work at any given time. This makes it easy for to approve/reject leave requests accordingly.

Innovative employee communication

Employee Ticket Center (ETC) opens up lines of communication between HR and employees. The ETC provides HR administrators with a tool to quickly and efficiently communicate with individuals or groups of employees via emails and letters in the form of a mail/e-mail process. All correspondence is recorded in an employee’s record for easy reference.

Easy to install and extremely secure

Security is of vital importance to EC and privacy of the information stored in the database is maintained at all times. EC is based on the latest technologies which is 128 bit encrypted and backed up every 3 hours on one server and every 24 hours on a seperate server in another location. This protects the potential of complete loss of data.

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