Aside from the Benefits & HR portals that we provide to all of our clients, Soldevila & Associates also offers several robust and feature-rich, HR Information and Management Systems. One of these solutions, is based on cutting edge technology and provided through our agreement with a national Insurance Agency Management and Online Employer Portal software company and the other is MyBenefitsandHr, which is implemented in conjunction with our online HR Solution. Use the links below to learn about each of these solutions.

We also encourage you to contact us for a free HRIS needs assessment. Technology solutions do not solve problems in and of themselves. Rather, internal processes and communication links need to be strengthened for any real improvements to be realized. As such, we offer initial consulting services at no cost that help customers determine requirements and desired returns on the investment.

My Benefits and HR

My Benefits & HR platform utilizes industry-recognized technology, combining a full-featured Human Resource Management system and Benefits Administration services into an integrated, robust solution that complies with applicable government regulations, reduces benefits costs and adds to employee satisfaction. It also interfaces seamlessly to your payroll application.

HR Tools is a comprehensive, flexible, hosted HRMS and Benefits administration solution.

  •  Full-featured HRMS including:
    o Core HR Capabilities
    o Performance and Leave Management
    o Recruitment
    o Manager and Employee Self Service
    o Robust Benefits Administration including:
    o Open Enrollment Online 
    o Dynamic Rules Engine
    o Connection to Payroll

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HR Tools is a human resources management system (HRMS) for small to mid-sized organizations. The software builds on the latest technologies from for easy integration with the tools HR departments use on a day-to-day basis. It offers a fully integrated and centralized HR system that promotes connectivity, communication and control throughout an organization.

Major benefits of using HR Tools include the following:

* HROffice connects employees to their personal information, to HR, to their benefit providers and to payroll.
* HROffice opens up lines of communication between HR and employees and facilitating efficient distribution of information via emails and employee self-service portals.
* HROffice controls policies, eligibility, procedures and rules. Benefit costs are controlled through automated technology that ensures compliance and provides a simple way of reconciling carrier bills.
* HROffice provides full-scale human resources management for issues such as benefits management, billing reconciliation, attendance, compensation, COBRA administration, open enrollment and FMLA tracking, employee correspondence management and employee self-service. HROffice delivers comprehensive and paperless HR and benefits management and integrates with other key technologies and services within your environment.

HR managers and employee supervisors quickly become experts in all aspects of HROffice, enjoying the benefits of its user-friendly, management tools and intuitive interface.

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