Employer Benefit Surveys

Wouldn't you like to benchmark your employee benefit programs and costs vs. your competitors.?

We can conduct a confidential benefit survey to help organizations determine if they are providing competitive employee benefit packages and paying competitive fees for their benefits programs  – or if they are at risk of losing valuable talent to more savvy competitors.

We will provide qualitative and quantitative data on all employee benefit programs. 

This online survey is confidential and data takes approximately 10-30 minutes to enter.  Soldevila & Associates then analyzes the survey data and provides each participating organization with its own custom report and data.  The survey contains numerous data points and will help businesses compare their benefits package offerings to competitors in such areas as:

  • Deductibles
  • Office Visit and Prescription Drug Co-payments
  • Medical Plan Increases
  • Monthly Premiums (Single/Family)
  • Monthly Employee Contributions
  • PPO vs. HMO vs. Consumer Directed plan costs
  • Use of wellness, flex time and education reimbursement programs
  • Voluntary Benefit offerings
  • plus much more.....

Participating organizations receive a customized analysis comparing their data to their competitors or others in their industry.  All information is held in total confidence, and participating company information is only shared with that company.  At the completion of the survey, Soldevila & Associates will present aggregated data to participating companies.

Participants will see how their programs compare to their competitors which will help in recruiting and retaining their best associates. Our survey is quick, easy, customized and it helps organizations make better informed decisions about their benefit plans based on real local competitor data.

For additional information on requesting or participating in an Employer Benefit Survey, contact us or call (504) 834-3639.