Soldevila & Associates has been providing online benefits administration to our clients 2008. We are a leading benefits, HR and technology administrative agency located in the greater New Orleans area servicing thousands of employees across the country. We work with most major benefit technology solutions as well as several proprietary solutions. 

Why should you or your company utilize online benefits administration through Soldevila & Associates?

  1. Improve efficiency and reduce cost associated with the administration of onboarding, enrollment, compliance and management of employee benefits
  2. Increase employee satisfaction.
  3. Our solutions provide employees a secure and easy to understand platform with the ability to see a variety of plans and costs with simple side by side comparison and we provide personalized support
  4. Our comprehensive HR Information Solutions include PTO management, company metrics, Organization charts, plus much more.
  5. Our knowledgeable benefit technology administrators work as part of you HR team
  6. Comprehensive employee census and company costs reporting available at the click of a button .

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Client testimonials:


Sue (HR- Medical Practice)

I should have implemented your online solution sooner. It has saved me an enormous amount of time and our employees love it!”

Jourdan (Employee -Financial Institution)

“Easy-going and user friendly”

Joel (Employee – Medical Practice)

“Very easy and straightforward”

James (Employee - Restaurant)

"Very easy to navigate and select what I thought was appropriate coverage and I have never bought insurance before”

Holly (Employee – Service Provider)

“So easy and it explains every step!”