Online HR & Benefit Solution

Today's HR professional faces a litany of challenges on a daily basis: inaccurate HR and benefits information, overpayments to insurance carriers, duplicate data entry, redundant paperwork shuffles, steady stream of employee questions, lack of integration with systems, and compliance issues. The only constant is change and managing the quality and flow of employee data is a full-time job, further complicated by the requirements of vendors and carriers. 

In response, Soldevila & Associates offers several advanced HR management tools and services, all of which provide a high-level of HR and benefits management functionality. The products we choose are intuitively designed and allow maintenance of all kinds to be performed by HR without need for IT consultancy. 

Among the many features of our integration services are the following:

  • Needs assessment and requirements gathering
  • Data collection, analysis, and consolidation
  • System set-up, configuration, and population
  • System testing and quality assurance
  • Personnel and management training
  • Technical support and maintenance