Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Disability & Retirement Plans

A company's most valuable asset is its people. Keeping and motivating these people is one of the most important tasks a management team can perform. The future success of the business can depend upon it. Putting the right rewards package in place is fundamental to attracting and retaining key staff. A cornerstone of this package is the company's Employee Benefits Strategy.

Employees are becoming more discerning and now expect and rely on organizations to offer the best traditional benefits including pension, life, disability and medical coverage. There is a balance to be maintained between motivating staff and controlling overheads. Our role is to ensure that our client gets the maximum benefits from each dollar spent and we provide professional ongoing support and communication systems to help them maintain this value for money approach.

In addition to putting together traditional packages we work with companies to design and implement innovative benefits to motivate staff from different sectors of the industry. From the outset we work closely with our clients, to understanding precisely what they are trying to achieve. In this way we can build the optimum solution for them and their staff.

We offer a Web based HR, Benefits, and Employee Management solution that enables Companies to better manage Human Resources and Benefits.  Our products enable employers and employees to access Human Resource and Benefits information via the Internet. The Employee Self Service product allows employees and managers flexibility to enroll online, view, update, and modify data anywhere - anytime.  Managers can generate real time reports with a click of a mouse:

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