Preferred Insurance Carriers


When choosing a health insurance plan, you are also choosing the plan's approach to the provision of benefits and payment for health care services. Soldevila & Associates makes your job easier by understanding the ins and outs of every plan available to you and your employees, comparing premiums and benefits to predict costs and reviewing all materials to understand plan terms and conditions of use.

Among our preferred providers are:

life, disability, and long term care

Life, Disability and Long-Term Care insurance are essential components of a comprehensive benefits plan. Still, many people regard the subject with apprehension because of its touchy nature. At Soldevila & Associates, we eliminate the awkwardness and the confusion around all the options. In fact, we look at it very simply; these forms of coverage are just income protection. So, whether your company wants to ensure that the basics are offered or if you want to provide supplemental options, we can help.

Among our preferred providers are:

vision and voluntary benefits

Benefit costs continue rise for employers. At the same time, employee needs and expectations for comprehensive, affordable health and welfare benefits is certainly not decreasing. This puts tremendous pressure on companys to find new, better or alternate ways to offer a competitive benefits package to employees. Voluntary benefits plans can be an effective solution to help balance the need to manage costs while providing a competitive benefits offering. At Soldevila & Associates, we can help improve your company benefit plan without any additional employer cost, in fact there is actually employer savings!

Among our preferred providers are: